Iwert Dijkema



Like his Dutch ancestors before him, who reclaimed land from the ocean, Iwert Dijkema can see possability where others don’t. He looks for innovative ways to solve society’s most pressing issues and finds new ways to redefine existing markets. Using advanced mathematical and strategic thinking, Iwert’s sole ambition is to uncover new ways of optimizing and consolidating ineffective processes and make them work more efficiently.

He looks to rewrite established rules and fuses business and technology to find and harness emerging ideas. A pioneer of the affiliate marketing industry, and one of the ‘super affiliates’ who developed this market more than 10 years ago, Iwert founded Advidi, the progressive full-service management platform dedicated to optimizing revenue generation for both its Advertisers and Affiliates.

Under his leadership the company has seen some explosive growth, averaging 200% growth annually since its start in 2012. His focus now is empowering young entrepreneurs to develop and grow their own ideas. Sharing his experience and wisdom he hopes to propel this new generation forward and help put them on the map.

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